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Creating Risk and Monetizing Symbolic Capital: The Business of Ranking

I recently did a talk on the broad strokes of my dissertation at the Canadian Sociological Association annual conference in Calgary, Alberta. My colleague @mikelgranzow was kind enough to record the talk and sync it up with my slides. I include an extended abstract below and you can watch the slideshow/talk here.

Research and method

A while back I was working in an academic department where my job was to support faculty research, answer methodological questions, design projects, write grants, and so on. One faculty member asked me a question regarding mixed methods research. My response was to clarify the purpose of research and method more generally. Below I include a revised version of my response.

Getting the most from your sociology (or other liberal arts) degree

“What is sociology? What are you going to do with that once you're finished your degree?”

Migrating to open source software: Linux

Going Open Source: An Overview of Open Source Software and Linux Migration

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