Professional Training

Certificate of Participation, Canadian Sociological Association Teaching Practice Cluster Workshop for Graduate Students.
A half-day professional teaching seminar focused on techniques to design course outlines, effective assignments, working with teaching assistants, teaching large/small classes, grading, and strategies for reflexive and authentic teaching.

University Teaching Certificate, University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Centre.
A six-day, in-depth program focused on building teaching knowledge and skills with the purpose of improving the learning experience for students. The program integrates instructional theory and practice to hone teaching strategies through a combination of lectures, discussions and applications.

Instructional Skills Workshop, University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Centre.
A four-day program focused on teaching theory, teaching strategies, skill building, and practice.

University Certificate in Team Leadership, University of Calgary Student Success Centre.
Included training and awareness development in team leadership skills including topics such as: team building and group development; creating a cohesive team; elements of effective teams; common team roles and challenges; group facilitation; different learning styles; strategies to gain participation; running effective meetings; conflict resolution; motivation and feedback and reward strategies; and facilitating change.

University Certificate in Community Leadership, University of Calgary Student Success Centre.
Includes training and awareness development on topics such as: fostering a sense of community; volunteerism and community service; community service and engagement; issues in diversity including class, race and gender; inclusive language; cross-cultural communication; citizenship; globalization; and social change.